The ridiculous, not-so-ridiculous, and absurd adventures in labeling Xun….

1980: Traumatic brain injury (left side, concussion via golf club)

1992: Anemia

1993: leg length difference (aka “femur is 1.5 cm shorter on left leg) (seriously??!)

2001: 2 miscarriages (01/01, 5 weeks & 07/01, 19 weeks), and the first clue something                    more was wrong

2003: Hypothyroid
Congenital Hip Dysplasia

2004: Surgery 10/04, pin in left foot due to injury

2005: PTSD (see 2001)/ Chronic Pain

2006: Hemorrhagic cyst, left ovary (2 instances)

2007: Surgery 03/07 Exploratory laparotomy for possible endometriosis/ endometrial                    ablation/tubal ligation
Surgery 11/07 Birmingham total hip replacement, left hip; 2 blood transfusions

2008: chronic pain/possible Fibromyalgia
02/08 Pneumonia in both lungs
10/08-01/09 O2 stats dropping to 86%, on in-home O2 10/08-01/09
Raynaud’s Disease

2009: 01/09 Right Heart Cath @ Boston U Hospital

2010: Cervical Spondylosis C5/C6/C7
Mild Scoliosis T-spine
Chronic pain/ Fibromyalgia/ Peripheral Neuropathy

2011: Fibromyalgia confirmed by Johns Hopkins Baltimore
Cervical Spondylosis/ Disc Desiccation
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

2012: Nerve Denervation at C5/C6 (repeated 11/13, 11/14)
11/12 First trip down the stairs (to date, I have fallen down the stairs 4 times)

2013: Cystoscopy 04/13

2014: 06/14 Trigeminal Meningioma/Schwannoma, left prepontine
08/14 CyberKnife Radiosurgery/radiation

12/16: Dysphasia (Reduced lingual movement, increased oral transit time)

Current Diagnoses:
Trigeminal Meningioma/Schwannoma w/TN (trigeminal neuropathy)
Memory loss/aphasia due to trigeminal meningioma
Neurological Dysphagia
Chronic Migraine
Cervical Spondylosis C5/C6
Mild Scoliosis T-spine
Artificial hip,Birmingham implant left side
Screw in left foot, 5th metatarsal repair
Peripheral Neuropathy, both arms; Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, primarily left side
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis



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