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Living in My Pajamas

Life is crazy right now. We have just moved 1300 miles and discovered a whole new world. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer due to school work and the new trend of social networking sites. I also do a lot of research for my medical conditions, and for the best ways to pursue my new job: homeschooling my youngest.

I work really hard, mostly academically, and all of it is right here in the comfort of my living room, and occasionally in the spare bedroom….or as we refer to it now, the schoolroom. It’s not bad work, the schedule is pretty flexible and it’s very rewarding. And it’s all done in my pajamas.
Because of the nature of the new brand of insanity in my house, things like grabbing a shower and getting dressed often get put off until about two o’clock in the afternoon. I am used to a lot more order, but I am now finding that homeschooling families have a different way of getting things done. It isn’t a get-up-and-get-out-the-door kind of life anymore.
So I live in my pajamas. Most of my existence is in pajama pants and a tee shirt now. Which is not a bad gig, no?
I never meant to be the kind of mom that lived an “alternative” life with my kids, it just sort of happened, and I found that the things I wanted for them didn’t always mesh up with what I was surrounded with. I homeschooled my older two a few years ago, and returned them to public school when the option opened back up to us, but finding that my youngest has particular needs has motivated me to bring her home and school her myself.
I get a lot done. The house is still run in relative order, schoolwork for Sara and I both does get accomplished, and everything that needs to be done does get done….but it’s just not necessarily in the traditional way. And it’s usually done in my pajamas.