About Xun


Thirty-something (don’t laugh….that’s all I’m admitting to. I’ve been 38….um….6 times.) mom, wife, writer, chronic illness blogger, occasional gamer, American East Coaster, and brownie lover. Diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia (repaired with an all metal hip, but not before it screwed up my spine (C5-C7 & T3-T4) ), Cervical Spondylosis (see aforementioned asshole hip), a left tentorial Meningioma/Schwannoma (inoperable, treated with radiation and watched, bad tumor!!), Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, and Fibro (for good measure) . The million dollar girl, bionic hip and all.

Learning to juggle life, the universe, and everything they throw at me. All while fighting my own body. A lot like Alice falling into a new world…. These are Xunnie’s adventures…

4 responses

  1. Hello Xun. I found you through Wendy’s ‘picnic with Ants’ blog. I am new to following you, and just thought I’d say hi 🙂 Take care and i look forward to reading your future posts. Carly


    1. Hello Carly! Thank you for the follow. I was just poking around your blog too. I love being able to read and share each other’s lives =) We make quite the little blog buddies group when we connect!

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      1. Yes, it’s great to connect in the blogging world 🙂

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  2. God do I understand
    Maybe to much
    Life has its ways
    Even if we are not
    Sure which way it’s pulling us
    Stay thirsty my friend
    As Sheldon Always

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