Labs and Crap

Time for my “yearly physical”…..bwahahahaha. Yeah, I know. As someone that sees a doctor no less than every 8 weeks, it cracks me up when I have to go see my primary care traffic director every year. She likes to pretend she does more than bitch about my labs and direct referrals, but we know better.

She’s young and in her defense she’s only had me for a patient for about a year and a half and I’m a pain in the ass. It’s not her fault that she’s in over her head…she wasn’t even in med school when I had my hip replacement.

I went over to the lab like a good girl and had them pull my fasting labs last Monday morning so that she had everything before I see her Tuesday afternoon. They pulled 7 vials out of me!! Pretty sure I should have had a cookie before I drove home, but the good news is I am a super easy stick. No rolling veins or tough spots to try to find. And everything went smoothly, so I’m hoping I was the easiest patient that lab tech had all day.

So of course I had to log into the patient portal and get my labs so I can analyze them before I even see her.

My TSH and T4 levels look like they might have to raise my Synthroid dose. But they’ve been creeping it up for over 10 years. I’m not surprised. It is autoimmune thyroid.

My metabolic panel looks pretty good. Hemoglobin and hematocrit are just barely low, but they’re good for me. Vitamin D and B12 are really good! Yay me for taking my vitamins!

The biggest thing I noticed was my GGT is still high but nothing like it was last year. (I did have MRSA then!) And it’s trending down.

And I got a hold of my Cobalt and Chromium levels from last September and of course they’re high, but they’re normal people high, not MoM implant high. And honestly I don’t care. I’m not open to revision surgery. November is my 10th anniversary of my hip surgery, so the way I see it I’m doing pretty damn good.

More updates after my appointment this week!


5 responses

  1. What caused you to need a hip replacement? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.
    My new hip is 2 years old. I had Avascular Necrosis.
    I’m hoping it last a goid long time.
    Yours too!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

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    1. I had good old Congenital Hip Dysplasia! Although the best story I have is the doc in the ER one time asking me if I had a hip replacement because I fell off a roof! Most of the time they assume I was in a catastrophic car accident, but nope! Just dysplasia.

      I’m sorry you had to go through that too! I’m grateful to be able to walk. Without the surgery I’d be in a chair by now. I hope yours lasts the rest of your life! โค


      1. Fell off a roof? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ HA!!
        I too would be in a chair, with extreme pain all the time, if I hadn’t had the surgery. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

        I have displasia in the other hip, but it’s not bad. Has caused a labrum tear, twice. But for the most part, it behaves.

        Grateful for both of us.

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        1. Lol! Right?!
          Docs think it’s related to EDS now, especially since my hip dislocated twice by itself. What is it with these bodies that try to destroy themselves??

          I’m grateful for us both too! *gentle hugs*


          1. {{Gentle hugs}} to you. โ™กโ™ก

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