Why We Need Universal Health Insurance In America

If you’re in America, chances are you don’t have to look very far to see someone in your circle of friends and family, etc that doesn’t have health care; or didn’t have health care until after 2014.
We need health care in America! Americans are arrogant enough to think we’re “the best country in the world”, but we are still fighting over something as ridiculous as a child being born with a heart condition. (Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue this week? anybody?)
The point is we need to care about one another. We need to take care of each other. Don’t leave it to the politicians and corporations. They’re just effing it up. laura’s post sat me down and she writes about something I’ve been meaning to post on, so I’m sharing her post.

#Iamapreexistingcondition #voteNOontheAHCA #supporttheACA

Bipolar For Life

I have a confession: since the election, instead of meditating first thing in the morning, I’ve been obsessing over the news.

It’s a terrible habit. I can see the negative effect it has on my bodymind. I need to Just. Say. No.

Problem is, this is not mere news voyeurism. This is eye-opening, consciousness-raising, holy-fuck-what-could-they-possibly-be-thinking revelations about the minds of My Fellow Americans.

Here, from one of my favorite medicine/science/tech news outlets, is a revealing piece on what a few handsful of voters have to say about the new “repeal and replace” iteration that has just passed the House.

For all y’all who hail from ports afar, this is about the current Administration’s effort to purge the government, and by extension the health insurance system, of “big government.” What is Big Government, you ask? From my observations, it seems to mean “any regulations that protect consumers and/or the environment.”


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