It’s Not Like I Need to Breathe Anyway…

I’m just having a day ….or something…..this week.

I’ve been blue for the last 5 or 6 days. And when I say “blue” I don’t mean maybe feeling a little sad or down. I mean I am literally, actually blue.

20170406_143956 (1)

I’m kind of used to it. It started about 9 years ago after I had pneumonia in both lungs 9 weeks after my hip surgery. I can feel it happening, and sometimes it’s stress (I’ve actually had retired-chief look at my hands and walk away in the middle of an argument), or weather, or exhaustion. Or sometimes nothing at all.

I’ve seen more doctors than I can count about it and since these days my pulse ox seems to stay above 95%, they like to just throw it in the Raynaud’s bin and move on to stuff like me choking or the annoying tumor in my brain.

Sometimes it’s not that big of a deal, and I come up with all kinds of colors between pink (I’m pretty sure the color I’m supposed to be) and blue….or purple. The running joke in my house is that I should lay on a table outside for a Halloween “decoration” with just my blue feet sticking out and scare the crap out of people. Yes, we’re an interesting bunch.



I’m just annoyed because I have been really, really blue for the last few days. It’s probably all the crazy weather we’ve been having and today we have thunderstorms moving in and through my area, and that’s almost a surefire way to trigger a blue episode in my hands and feet.

So between my blue fingers and the fact that FedEx lost a box I was supposed to have delivered yesterday, I’m just irritable. (The box was marked “delivered” at 6:01 pm, EDT but unless it’s invisible it’s not on my front porch.) Side note: I called the company and FedEx, got a refund, and put a trace out, but the FedEx delivery for my area are just idiots anyway.

And I’m kind of chewing on the fact that I think I might have made my mom cry yesterday but I didn’t mean to. We were talking about my tumor and I said something about how long I have left and she had to go, but I think I upset her. Because I’m an asshole even when I don’t mean to be.

And fuck cancer.


My outfit today. Because Deadpool. And because fuck cancer.


Aaaaaand I’m back to coughing shit up. The cough has never gone away, and my pulmonologist gave me “dysphagia, related to trigeminal shwanomma” and blew me off with “sit up when you eat and take smaller bites”. I don’t have a $200,000 medical degree but I could have told you that, so whatever.

Like I said, I’m hostile today. And this is all the noise in my head.

Anybody know what it means when you cough dark green….something up?

6 responses

  1. If you’ve got symptoms to go along with the blue, like low BP, palpitations, left underboob pain…dizziness, dyspnea, whatever, being 95% doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something else going on. It seems that your tumor casts a giant shadow. Have you ever seen a cardiologist or a vascular whatever they call ’em (sorry, I sneezed most of my brain out)?

    Green junk=tree, I’m telling ya. This diagnosis is free of charge. 😏

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    1. I saw a hematologist….but that was pre-tumor. I really need to get back in and fight with my pcm, but I think I’ve just given up. That way if I die, I can make them put ” I TOLD you something was wrong!” on my tombstone =P

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  2. Green gunk….you been swimming in dirty water? Get algae up you nose?
    Okay, so I really have no idea. When I blow out green stuff I have an infection.
    Did you go moon bathing under a blue moon?
    Yes I’m in a strange mood today.
    Your doctor’s sound like they could care less. Why are these people doctors?

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    1. I like your reasons! Much better than the truth of it started after I choked last Feb (over a year ago), 2 rounds of antibiotics for MRSA. Retest, no MRSA, but still occasionally green. And the unending coughing. Neuro and Pulmonology call it dysphasia.

      Good question! Why ARE they doctors? My problem is I’m tired of fighting with people that don’t seem to care.

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      1. I don’t blame you! I’ve fired a few doctors before, but sometimes we are stuck.
        I’m glad you don’t have MRSA. But it is freaky. And people should care!

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  3. Great Article!…

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