2016, You Can Stop Anytime…..

The question of the year: Has it really just been a frickin dumpster fire of a year and WAY more people have died? Or does it just seem that way?

A select list of deaths this year….


David Bowie

Alan Rickman (my heart starts breaking….)

René Angélil (Celine Dion’s husband/manager) Her performance of The Show Must Go On brought tears to my eyes.

Dan Haggerty (I grew up watching Grizzly Adams.)
Glen Frey, The Eagles
Abe Vigoda
Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire (Have you figured out which decade I was born in yet?)
Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice
Harper Lee, “To Kill a Mockingbird”
Joey Martin Feek (F*ck Cancer!)
Nancy Reagan
Keith Emerson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Rob Ford (Mayor of Toronto, in the news all last year, and then…..gone! wow)
Garry Shandling
Patty Duke
Merle Haggard (truly a loss….)
Doris Roberts
Prince (I’m heart broken….)



Billy Paul, Singer “Me and Mrs. Jones”
Muhammad Ali, Boxer
Gordie Howe, Hockey Player
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor (My oldest actually got to hear him speak in high school.)
Garry Marshall, Writer/Producer/Actor
Gene Wilder (The world lost a little bit of laughter.)
José Fernández, Baseball player (all over the news, much too young.)
Arnold Palmer
Janet Reno
Leonard Cohen

Florence Henderson
Fidel Castro
John Glenn
Alan Thicke
Zsa Zsa Gabor

And now….

George Michael.

It’s been a rough year. I have had some personal losses and struggles as well. We have a week to go. Spread a little love and hope, and maybe we can make it….

3 responses

  1. I think I have survivor’s guilt. All these wonderful people gone, and I’m still here. Doesn’t make much sense.


    1. I get that. I lost my sister (in law, but not ….long story) in January and I keep thinking I’m here and she’s not….

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      1. It’s hard to accept that life doesn’t make sense. Sorry for your loss, dude.

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