Stupid Tumor

The general consensus is 2016 can go fuck itself. And I have to say I’m inclined to get on that bandwagon.

I have had a thing pretty much all year that we (me, my family, and my herd of doctors) have been trying to decide if it’s a thing or not. The prevailing opinion as of right now is…..yes, it might be a thing. But not, like….an easy thing. Mostly it’ll probably be a thing that ends with me, Xun, dying in a stupid way.


I choked way back in February. On chocolate milk, of all things (if you’ve been following The Cris Show for more than a minute you already know all this). February 16, chocolate milk, fairly late in the evening, hubs was out of town, my oldest was there. Fun stuff. I figured I hemorrhaged a vocal chord because I choked pretty….good? well? hard? severely? I choked a lot. And for several minutes.

My voice was gone. MIA for 2+ weeks. And I spiked a fever of 101 two days later. So I saw my pcm who checked me out and got a throat culture. Then I saw my neurologist the following week. She noted it in my chart and confirmed that the fever indicated that I had aspirated the frickin chocolate milk and my body responded.

February rolled on into March and I was still sick as hell. Like losing 15 pounds sick.  For some bizarre reason the lab lost? or ate? or…..didn’t bother following up on my throat culture? But I finally got a phone call on March 14 ( yes, a MONTH later) saying my throat culture came back and I had MRSA.

Seriously?! MRSA?! (Side note, it’s fun to see the doctors react to me saying I have/had MRSA.) Oh, goodie. I’m allergic to 3 families of antibiotics. Let’s do this.

Two rounds of antibiotics later, I retested and came back clean. Finally. This is 3rd week of April-ish.

But the cough never really went away. I have had this random cough with an even more random productive cough since February. Allergy meds. Inhaler. “Just wait it out.”
Noted in my chart in August for a yearly physical. Yep, still there. Allergies? “But are you dead yet?” (Okay, no, she didn’t really ask me that.)

The year drags on. The stupid coughing and random losing my voice and another choking incident.

Back to the pcm in October. Because I’m still coughing. Stupid lungs. Stupid body. Stupid brain tumor.
I’ve seen my pcm, my neurologist, an ENT surgeon, a pulmonologist who sent me back to my neurologist…..and that’s where we are.

Pcm says see pulmonologist. Pulmonologist says it’s neurological and likely related the the asshole tumor sitting on my left 5th cranial nerve. Back to neurologist this morning and the next step is a modified swallow study.


Oh fun.

Stupid tumor. Choking on chocolate milk is a stupid way to die.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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