This SIM Game Sucks

I keep telling myself that we *have* to be living in some sort of SIM game, or Matrix, or….some sort of altered, controlled reality. Any body used to play the SIMS besides me? Didn’t you create some sort of world or situation just to see what would happen? Ever “woohoo” your sim to death?


Ever seen The Matrix? The Adjustment Bureau?
I think it’s inherent in some people….they just want to watch the world burn.


I live in America, and Heaven help us. There is a lot to say as we woke up this morning….

But I think we got it wrong…..


The website for immigrating to Canada crashed last night. Or maybe we should call England and France and tell them to come get their land and their stuff back. Beg the Queen to take us back because America is acting like a teenage county and demonstrating that we are clearly not ready to pay our own bills and do grown up stuff?


If you want me I will be hiding in my blanket fort with my headphones and my coloring books.

2 responses

  1. Well, at least the Democrats aren’t telling people to get out their guns. I keep picturing the response from Trump and his supporters if he had lost — and I have to say, the Democrats are really showing some class. Classy in (electoral, not popular) defeat. Like adults. 🙂

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    1. True! I can only imagine if things had gone differently.

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