Monkeys; Updated

So I sent out an update at the beginning of the week because against my will I have been plagued with some extra tests and referrals, and after a bit of a crazy week (and I’m kind of a zombie today), I have updates!

…and purple hair. Much purpler than last time. My hair is almost to my waist, so I used 2 boxes and there was purple dye everywhere!!


Back to the updates…

Right Upper Quadrant Ultrasound: Normal (HA!! take that Liver!)
Thyroid Ultrasound: Findings compatible w/history of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
All blood labs drawn and completed, Iron panel recheck in November
Cobalt & Chromium levels pending
yearly physical completed and okay, PAP results returned normal, PAP recommended in 5 years, August 2021, unless otherwise indicated.

EEG completed 8/29
Follow up 10/04 for EEG results and for migraine and TN pain following (f*k you tumor)

Pain Clinic:
referrals renewed for the rest of the year, new referral due on or around March 5, 2017
scripts current until follow up with PA on 10/04

saw ENT surgeon 09/12
CT paranasal sinuses completed 9/14 (that was weird, face down. Did you know the whole CT machine can tilt 45 degrees??)
small mucosal retention cyst in left maxillary sinus, nasal septum deviated to the left
follow up 9/22
(did I say my left side has it out for me?!)

Also, stupid left baby toe is pretty colors and I’m fairly certain I fractured it, but meh….whatta ya gonna do?


Finally, I ordered a myintent  necklace because last week during the Stand Up 2 Cancer telecast, they were participating and offering 10% off and all proceeds going to SU2C. Because Stand Up 2 Cancer. Retired-Chief and I have both lost our Dads to Cancer, my best friend beat stage 3 colon cancer 12 years ago, and I’m living with an inoperable brain tumor. So, it’s a cause close to my heart.


I choose “I rise” because I try to rise above the pain and fear. And because I’m in love with this song….



10 responses

  1. Beautiful color on you! Love it! 💜

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  2. I also had a left septum deviation on my CT scan! But they fixed it for me in the OR for me last week when I had my pituitary tumor removed through my nose. 😝


    1. A 2 for!
      Was it hard? I just keep thinking it’ll be nice to be able to breathe again! My sinuses are a constant thing.

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      1. Recovery is challenging. I feel like I have the worst cold I’ve ever had because of all the drainage of blood and gunk and absorbable packing (and I can’t blow my nose for 6-8 weeks so I don’t develop a CSF leak). But I’m 8 days out and finally starting to get my senses of taste and smell back! I can’t tell they did anything with my septum at all, I can just tell it’s straight when I feel my face!😊


        1. =( That does not sound fun at all. Feeling all stuffed up would drive me crazy!
          Hopefully repairing the deviated septum isn’t as hard.


  3. What a great video! Made me cry, dude, not only because of the story in the video, but because that singer sounds so much like Amy Winehouse.

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    1. AW! I didn’t mean to make you cry. I love me some Amy and some Adele! And I so love Andra Day’s voice I pull that up when I’m having a rough day.

      I’m learning ASL and I *love * this….

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      1. I like the sign for “breathless.” 🙂

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  4. […] to Xunae for turning me on to this awesome video. I absolutely love this […]


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