Insanity; Xun Edition

Things heard in my house:

Me: “If I go missing, check the river because I’ve thrown myself off the bridge.”
(I routinely threaten to hide under my bed or throw myself off the bridge when I am overstimulated/stressed.)
Kid: “Which one?”
(To be fair, I do live on a peninsula with 2 bridges on 2 different rivers within driving distance.)
Me: “The closest one. I’m lazy.”

I’m pretty sure that was on Tuesday. because suddenly I was juggling 2 more specialists, and several more tests and goawayleavemethehellalone!!

I keep telling my doctors to give me my scripts, and go away and leave me and my organs alone, thankyouverymuch. BUT my primary care doc (pcm, or pcp….whichever you prefer. Invariably I go with pcm.) decided my liver function panel was wonky so she decided I need to rule out Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) or Liver Cancer. Because one autoimmune (my thyroid) = another autoimmune. OR one cancer (my brain tumor) = another cancer. Oh fun. Let’s do this.

So she ordered an abdominal ultrasound, a thyroid ultrasound, cobalt and chromium levels drawn, and an ENT surgeon referral to get the cyst out of my left maxillary sinus. (Actually I asked for that. I’m assuming it might be nice to breathe.)

Metabolic panel….check
Liver function panel….check
Yearly pap and all that fun stuff….check
Abdominal ultrasound ordered and completed….check

Oh! Wait I have those results now!


HA HA!! Wow….do you mean that it’s entirely possibly that when I was sick as hell for 3 months, it affected my innards and maybe now I’m working my way back? Because I was coughing up green $hit for almost 4 months and now I’m not?

Side note: my aorta and IVC are not unremarkable! I’m beauty-ful. #everyBODYisbeautiful
Also…they can’t see my left kidney because I have a big ol’ hunka hunka metal in the way.

Back to the list:
Cobalt/Chromium levels drawn and sent to Bethesda…check (this outta be fun)
ENT Surgeon referral acquired and appointment made with her on Monday….check
Thyroid ultrasound appointment made for Tuesday….check

And finally, neurologist appointment made for follow-up and EEG results, October 4.

So, other than trying to die by cracker yesterday (this dysphasia courtesy of where my tumor sits….I’m over it), it would appear that besides a hopefully quick and fairly easy endoscopic surgery to get the cyst out of my maxillary sinus, not much is going to change.

Works for me. Back to playing in my make-up.


4 responses

  1. Woo woo! That Xunae is a total babe!

    Unremarkable makes me laugh. I know it’s a good thing, yet I’m mildly offended by that description. How about “gallbladder is awesome”? It’s good news they didn’t find any suspicious masses or cysts!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. *blush* Ah! You! I think she’s inspired by that Kara girl. I heard something about more purple hair dye!

      Right? They could have chosen “suspicion free” or maybe “awesomely free of anything that would make us order more tests”. Wait….that’s too many words…. I’d settle for “that’s a good lookin pancreas!!”

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Damn, look at those cheekbones! I wish I had cheekbones. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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