Guess What I’m Doing….

So I haven’t decided if my yard looks like a construction zone or a crime scene….

20160827_114751         20160827_114509

I have “caution” tape allllll the way around my house. *But* I also have signs for Solar City and big trucks and cars all over my driveway, street, and yard.20160827_114934

Sooooo, I’m pretty safe. Pretty sure nobody’s going to think it’s a murder scene or anything.
20160827_115136           20160827_115139

And we’re getting solar panels. Because my house faces south which makes it a good candidate for solar panels on the front and back of the peaks of my roof. And in Maryland there are lots of incentives for solar use. Who knew?

Good thing too, because the “co-op” that is our electric company keep raises the rates. Thieves.


That blue thing over there….that’s my car. Hubs pulled it out of the garage in case I want to make a break for it. So, I have that going for me….which is good.




2 responses

  1. Love your new photo. 🙂 Construction is very noisy and irritating. (Sometimes, even the sound of loud crickets can be irritating.) I suggest loud music to cover irritating noises. 🙂

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    1. Thanks 😘
      Right?! We were
      Pretty sure they were just jumping on my roof there for awhile.

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