Everything Is Relative

In my own little Wonderland, and depending on the day, I can be pretty far down the rabbit hole….


Time in Underland is not the same as time up here…

I’m fond of noting that everything is relative. Not just the six degrees and all that, but think about what you know, and why you know that. Call it six degrees, call it karma, call it your personal narrative; but everything is relative. What is true for you may not be true for me.

That being said, I’m an only child with authority issues. That means I accept very little at face value and don’t understand the concept of “just do it because you’re supposed to/because you were told to”.

“Why?” is the one word you could use to describe me.

Which is why I felt called to contemplate another conspiracy theory. (We all have them, my personal favorites involve JFK’s and Marilyn Monroe’s deaths).

*But* if you heard of a “conspiracy theory” that involved almost 300 years of “phantom time”, missing time, rewritten history; what would you think?

The first clue….

Phantom Time Hypothesis

Phantom Time Hypothesis


The theory: Roman Emperor Otto III misdated the Western calendar 297 years because he liked the idea of ruling in the year 1000 AD. Otto, the Pope, and others filled in this “phantom time” with some completely made-up history: the Early Middle Ages. If this is true, the current year is actually 1719.

Any proof? Surprisingly, yep. There are literally thousands of recognised forgeries of documents from the early Middle Ages that claimed to be written hundreds of years before they were, and describe events in detail, centuries before they happened. A huge majority of these were made by the Church. There is also hardly any literature, art, records, or cultural artefacts from Western Europe in this period, nor any real progress in agriculture or technology – hence the term “the Dark Ages”. Read a paper about it here.

(via Buzzfeed)

Hmmmm….okay. But, Xun…..Buzzfeed’s fun and all, but seriously?

True, but I remember when I worked for an insurance company I had to learn how to notate Julian and Gregorian dates for archiving claims. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but does it really matter if I refer to the Julian date? or the Gregorian date? Or what about the Chinese calendar? In that one, it’s five thousand something, right? Or the Jewish calendar? Six thousand something? Or the Mayan calendar? They ran outta room of their rock….we’re gone.

Other sources:

Medieval forgeries

Mystery Of The Controversial Phantom Time Hypothesis

Did the Early Middle Ages Really Exist?

Time is relative. Does it really matter if it’s 2016 or 1719?


Would it change your existence if 297 years was MIA?


Maybe the Mayans were right? In which case, we maybe just bought ourselves 222 years to get our shit together before the planet really does disappear into….well, wherever the Mayan calendar assumed we’d go when time ran out.


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  1. I think the Earth will eventually purge all humans, whether this corresponds with a proposed doomsday date or not, I dunno. I assume it’ll be a slow die-off spanning centuries, rather than one sudden apocalyptic event. You know, whenever Earth can get its ass in gear and start taking the antibiotics to get rid of the human virus. Conspiracy theories are fun!

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