New? Not so much….

So……this popped up in my Facebook feed and I decided to go check it out because chronic pain is about the most unfun thing you can think of, and in the middle of the full on assault of patients rights to be treated compassionately for pain, we in America are always struggling for pain relief. And the fight for doctors, nurses, PT nazis ( if you’ve through physical therapy, you get that), nurses, hospitals, the frickin FDA, and now politicians to stay the hell out of my pain management is never ending.

That being said…post cancer treatment pain management: second verse, same as the first.

3 responses

  1. I’ve already decided that if I’m ever diagnosed with cancer, I will not accept treatment. I have to wonder how many other people will forego treatment for cancer because they know their pain will not be treated. Will oncologists (and surgeons) tell patients up front that pain management will only be available during treatment, and only for a short amount of time? (Doctors suck.)


    1. I hear ya! I’ve decided I’m not going through radiation again. Fortunately I already had pain management in place, but I can imagine how it would have went down if I didn’t.

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