Kara tagged me in a little challenge where I’m supposed to list things that make me happy.

Official Rules:

5. Things that make you happy.

5. Songs that make you happy.
5. Bloggers that make you happy. Let them know you nominate them and you are done.

So, here we go….


5 Things that make me happy

1.  My kid(s). (I actually have 3 kids, but the older two are graduated and out in the world trying to figure out how to be grown ups, so I have the youngest….13, homeschooled, and with me way too much)


2.  My kitties. I have 3 furry rescues =) (and yes, this is how I sleep)


3.  I love living on the East Coast, just outside of DC, and all of the awesome stuff in the DMV.


4. I love my Grey’s. (But if you’ve read more than 2 of my blogs, you already knew that! 😉 )


5. I love all things fandom, geeky, and super hero (ish). Alice in Wonderland, Marvel, dragons, magic, and gaming.


5 songs that make me happy

Oh, Gawd….if you knew me, you’d know my heartbeat is actually a base line. Music runs through my blood, instead of….you know….red blood cells. I was a dancer in another life.

1. Landing in London ~ 3 Doors Down


2. Heathens ~ Twenty One Pilots


3. F*ckin Perfect ~ P!nk (I actually have lyrics from this one tattooed on me)


4.  Rise Up ~ Andra Day


5.  Lose Yourself ~ Eminem (I could list songs all day….I have 395 songs on my phone, and if you got a hold of my playlists, you might wonder how many people live in here with me. But this one got me through some tough times…)


5 Bloggers that make me happy

1.  Kara:  @https://polishingdookie.wordpress.com/blog/ (this is her fault….but she’s a pretty awesome chick and a fellow military minion)

2. Johnna:  @https://painkills2.wordpress.com/ (fellow pain survivior and fighter of the pharma/pain meds drug war bs)

3. Pamela:  @https://livinginalimitedworld.com/ (strong, amazing, inspirational)

4.  Megan: @https://meganelizabethmorales.wordpress.com/ (smart, funny, relateable)

5.  LeeLee:  @https://leeleebot.wordpress.com/ (TN fighter/survivor….we gotta stick together)

So….yeah….go forth and be happy.

One response

  1. One of the things that makes blogging worthwhile is when you can make someone else smile. 🙂

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