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This is completely off topic from what I created my blog for and what I usually write about. But I feel like it’s important enough to be shared. To be talked about.

If you’ve ever been through a trauma, this is going to hurt. If you’ve been sexually assaulted, this is going to hurt. If you have a daughter, this is going to hurt. Because if it were my daughter writing this statement, I’d kill somebody.

If you’re a woman, this is going to hurt. If you love someone, this is going to hurt.

Too many women I know have some kind of story to tell, me being one of them.

I have also been through something that ended in PTSD symptoms like the author describes, but it’s a completely different scenario. I’m not comparing my experiences to hers, I’m just saying I know what nightmares, and lack of sleep, and sleeping with the lights on, and fear, and desperation feel like to me.

This is going to take 20 or 30 minutes to read, longer depending on how fast you read or how many times you have to stop and breathe. But read it.

The girl at Stanford.

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    1. I read your comment. You’re certainly very passionate in expressing yourself. I get it. I am too. I know everyone has their own filters when they read something like this. But I am glad to see its inspiring conversation and connections.

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