Insanity in the ER

Did you know if you say “MRSA” when you walk into the local hospital ER, they throw a mask on you and get your cootie ass into a room in short order?


I got the full run down….all the pretty yellow gowns on everyone coming in the room, everyone in mask and gloves, and me in a mask. I’m not used to being treated like I have the plague. But, to be fair, most of the time when I go into the ER it’s for pain control. Not the frickin plague.

Three hours, two x-rays, and 4 or five tubes of blood later….I do not have the Black Plague. Or even MRSA. Tests came back negative. And my x-rays are clear. So since I have no immune system (and therefor no immune response), I was sent off with my lab results and instructions to call my primary care doc tomorrow and get in with her. They’re saying go see a pulmonologist and I need a bronchoscopy to figure out what the crap rattling around in my lungs is. Fun stuff.

Oh, and the only interesting thing on my lab results was red blood cell crap. Most likely related to a B-12 deficiency. Ya think? I’ve lost 15 pounds since this started…..

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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