The Purple One (& my hair…and some other stuff…)

Nasa released a picture of a purple Crab Nebula from the Herschel Observatory….


I’ve seen a lot of tributes to Prince since his passing yesterday, but this was perfect. A purple star. What could be better?

I’ve had a lot of noise kicking around in my head this week.  I know I haven’t been posting as regularly. I guess I was just trying to figure out what to say. And how to say it.

It’s been a weird year. Nothing feels right. The list of people we’ve lost is long enough already that I’m sure I can’t remember everyone. My loved ones (Bren), family friends (Roberta…..passed this week. Fu@k Cancer!), and all of the magic we’re all watching being funneled out of our world.

Seriously. What the Hell?! How is it possible….what kind of God….would take BOTH David Bowie and Prince in the same year?! Alan Rickman. (Anybody else feel their heart rip out of their chest when they watched the Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass trailers?) Merle Haggard. Natalie Cole. Doris Roberts. And a whole helleva lot more that I know I’m forgetting to add.

Forget the brain tumor and the fact I lose words or names or whole &*^%ing sentences sometimes. The list is stupid long, and it’s not even May 1st.

Oh….and my hair. The “inoperable” part of the inoperable brain tumor means my hair is longer than it has been since….well, since my oldest was a baby.


But the radiation they did almost 2 years ago has left a Rogue-like (X-Men? Anybody?) white streak through it.


But I keep covering it up. Sort of.

And this week I’m back to coughing. And I feel crap rattling around in my chest when I do. So I’m in complete denial and I’m going with: it’s just allergies (because the pollen counts in the NorthEast are insane), and not that MRSA has shown back up in my lungs. Because I don’t have an immune system and my lungs are shite to begin with.

I saw my pain doc on Tuesday and updated her on my meds (adding beta blockers) and surviving MRSA. My levels are good. BP is back down to where it’s supposed to be, pulse was 70, and my O2 was 100% that day, so I’m going with that. No fever (I know….doesn’t count, I don’t get fevers), and no elevated pulse or BP. So, leave me alone, and I’ll stay in my house with the filters running,take my meds, sit down and color, and shut the hell up.

It’s not MRSA, it’s just allergies. No touchy!!

2 responses

  1. I have a patch of gray hair on one side of my head, which looks a little weird. But, I believe I’ve earned every single gray hair on my head (and then some), so it doesn’t bother me. If your patch bothers you, I think you’d look great with purple hair. 🙂


    1. =) I think I earned mine too. Some from my kids, the patch from radiation. Reminds me that I’m still alive, brain tumor and all. (and I love purple hair! I had a purple streak a few years ago.)

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