Trying to Breathe…

keep calm ....I can't breathe

I had a choking/coughing fit last night that left me in tears. When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

I’ve had pneumonia in both lungs, and many months, and tests, and doctors later I learned how to breathe again. But that was after I was on in home O2 after my levels plummeted to 86%. It’s a scary thing when you can’t get air in.

That was 8 years ago, but once you’ve had pneumonia you’re more susceptible. That’s why after I tried to inhale chocolate milk last month I was watching for another infection.But I didn’t expect a MRSA Staph infection in my lungs and throat. I don’t get fevers (remember….shite for an immune system) so they missed it for almost 2 weeks. The biggest clue was a pulse that liked to hover around 114.

I *am* healing, but it’s hard and exhausting and the ability to breathe is not yet a forgone conclusion. I still have a voice, but only barely and only when it decides to show up. I’ve lost about 15 pounds or so. Nausea and the ability to inhale and exhale are strangely connected.

But I’m surviving. I have Grey’s and coloring and music and I’m trying to remember to pause, breathe, slow down.

Slow down a little, enjoy some Grey’s inspired music….


Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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