Immune System? What’s That?

Me have an immune system? HA!

So…..I’ve written before that whatever I may have that could possibly pass for an immune system was a joke to begin with (courtesy of an autoimmune disorder) and was wiped out when I had radiation. On my brain. For a brain tumor they can’t get to. Fun stuff.


Remember when I said death by chocolate milk? Yeah….about that…turns out when I choked I may or may not have aspirated milk but instead of pneumonia it seems that a staph infection has set up shop. MRSA Staph to be more specific.

And I avoid antibiotics whenever possible because they tend to do things like close up my throat.

Fortunately I don’t have to be admitted and hopefully antibiotics for 10 days will beat it off. (Irony much?!)


3 responses

  1. Holy crap, that’s crazy! I hope those antibiotics do their job on the lung-funk and keep you out of the hospital. Feel better soon! (you listenin’ MRSA? It was a direct order…gtfo!)

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  2. Lol, thank you! I’m on crazy strong antibiotics now. UGH!
    (You heard it MRSA, Kara’s a tough chick and between me and her, gtfo!)


  3. I feel duty bound to mention that cannabis has antibiotic properties, although it doesn’t seem to help with allergies. 🙂

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