Balloons, Piercings, & Putting the Pieces Back Together

The beginning of 2016 has been pretty rough. We lost a lot of people that made movies and music magical. I lost a little bit of my childhood when Grizzly Adams passed away. David Bowie defined a generation and contributed to music in ways not many people can. And the loss of Alan Rickman will be felt for a long time. My youngest loves all things Harry Potter and I watch Love Actually every Christmas!

And then I got a phone call just over 2 weeks ago telling me we lost a family member. I’ve taken it pretty hard. She is…was…less than 2 months younger than me. I’m struggling to find closure and her mom, her daughter, her family and friends are all saying the same thing. It’s hard to believe she’s really gone.

So when I got the invite to go up to Michigan for a memorial, I really struggled with it. Should I go? Is it possible? In the end I wasn’t able to get up there, so I did the same thing from here. We all sent up balloons to Heaven with wishes and hopes that she’s finally at peace and has found happiness and calm.


Goodbye Brenda Jean


A white balloon with hopes of peace and wishes of love

And then I followed up on some reading I had been doing about a daithe piercing and how it could help with migraines and headaches. As a migraine sufferer and a possessor of an inoperable brain tumor (and a fan of piercings and ink) I thought it might help.


And I thought maybe by getting it on the same day I sent up wishes of peace and love up to Heaven, I could remember the day I said goodbye.


So I’m slowly finding closure. And even if the new piercing doesn’t help with headaches (I’ll keep you posted….right now I just have a sore ear), I’ll have something to remember when I said “see you later….”

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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