Goodbye Starman….


I loved The Martian. And when I say I loved it, I mean it was my favorite movie last year and one of the few that necessitated more than one trip to the movie theater.

I grew up listening to David Bowie. I was a child of the 80’s. Let’s Dance, China Girl, Space Oddity. And one of my all time favorite movies (A Knight’s Tale) has Golden Years beautifully woven into it.

The world will miss you, David. But wherever you are, I promise it isn’t boring!


2 responses

  1. have you ever watched Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? It has quite a few Bowie songs through the movie (even though most are in Portuguese) It is a must watch if you haven’t seen it


  2. I had to think….I think I saw it years ago….I’ll have to go look it up now!


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