The Xunnie Chronicles

Soooooo, if you’ve read the blog at all this year, you know it’s been pretty crazy-busy in Wonderland. We’ve spent the last 6 months building a house (or, more accurately: having a house built, not like swinging the hammer and hanging the drywall….Xunnie loathes sweating). And in the midst of trying to be somewhat productive adults, juggling day to day life, hubs retiring out of the military and transitioning to a civilian job, me homescholling the kidlet, our 14 year old poochie passing away, and just the general insanity of the average life in America, I have also been being treated for an inoperable meningioma.


It is very safe to say we’ve had a lot on our plate this year. But I go back up to Georgetown next week for a follow-up. I have a brain MRI scheduled, then an appointment with my radiation oncologist, and then I am finishing up with a check in with the neurosurgeon on my case (the one that took one look at my scans and declared “I am not going in after that!” and promptly handed me off to radiation oncology, yeah him. Seriously. There has to be some sort of land speed record with how quickly he handed my case off to Dr. Collins*). We’re hoping to see that the crazy-new-insanely-high doses of radiation have shrunk the tumor. Or, in the words of my mom: shrunk it and killed it.


Also, we’re 2 weeks out from closing on said built house. So, yeah, we’re also planning a move. Which means that the house we’re currently renting needs to be rented to a new tenant. Our land-lady has been scheduling people to come see the house, which we’re fine with most of the time. But last week there was a little bit of an issue with us not responding quick enough to her request to show the house and we got an email that lead us to believe she was being a bit snippy about the whole thing. So after some discussion between hubs and I, he emailed her back and explained that we have all of the normal busy on our plate, and that I have also been being treated for my brain tumor. Hubs (Bless his heart) is just now getting used to telling people about my tumor, so he had not mentioned that to our land-lady thus far.

Predictably she emailed back and expressed how sorry she was to hear that and “if you guys need anything at all, please call me!”. Okie-dokie, dully noted, thank you.

Well, yesterday she brought a very nice young couple by to check out the house and as she walked in the door, the first thing she did was come over to be and apologize. I smiled and told her it was okay. She teared up 3 different times as she asked me about treatment and how I was. I assured her I was strong and would be okay, until finally I got up and hugged her because I didn’t know what else to do.


I guess I’m just not used to someone that barely knows me reacting so….profoundly? All I could think was “she’s taking this almost as bad as my Mom“. (And “gee, lady, for all you know I spend my spare time eating small children.”) I kept assuring her that I was strong, I’d be okay (lady, please don’t cry!), I’m an only child, I’ve had 6 surgeries and bunches of other things I’ve survived. I am going to be okay.

It was just really weird.


She went on and on about how much she appreciated us taking such good care of her house and “I wish you guys didn’t have to move out!”. The couple that had come to look at the house were just standing there, so I finally said “Well, these people don’t really look like the kind of people that would trash your house…..” (nervous chuckle…..).

“No, no”, he says “just one kegger a week, I swear!”. Nervous giggles all around. Shift, shift. “Well. We should really get going.”

Alrighty, everyone out the door. I turn to hubs, “WHAT was that?!” Holy crap. Anybody else have any crazy stories about sharing news about your tumors?

*But it’s all fine with me. Radiation treatment means not shaving my head and having brain surgery!

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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