‘Twas The Night After Christmas

Twas the night after Christmas
and all through the house
were boxes and wrappings
and bows strewn about.

The loot of the morning
had been all squirreled away.
The kitties had many
new toys with which to play.

My child tuckered out
and finally off to bed
with visions of DSs and
new clothes in her head.

And Papa in new jammies
and I with my new book
finally sat down
and had a good look.

The papers were crumpled
as you walked down the hall.
The boxes were stacked
along the back wall.

The food was all covered
and put away in the fridge.
Even after everyone poked in
and grabbed just a smidge.

Tomorrow would mean
cleaning up all the mess
but I simply sat right now
and smiled in my night dress.

How blessed we are!
How lucky, I think
surveying the mess
as I finish my drink.

Then off, up the stairs
to a good night’s sleep.
It’ll keep, I think
tomorrow I’ll tackle the heap.

But for now, as I drift off
and start to dream
I’m grateful for so much
more than it might seem.

My kids are all healthy
and my family loves each other.
It was definitely a tough year
for us all to weather.

But today in the middle of celebrating
we just laughed and played
and enjoyed winter vacation.

So I hope that your family
got lots of new toys
and in the middle of unwrapping
found the real joys.


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