Happy New (Leap) Year!!

Ah, 2012…you’re finally here! How nice to see you! You look wonderful, not even a day old yet! So, would you like some resolutions or something? No? You’re sure? I’m sure I can dig around and find something for you to nibble on. No? Fabulous.

Well, let’s get started then, shall we? I really am so happy to see you. I just know that we’re going to be good friends. 2011 and I parted amicably enough. I packed up the good stuff and left behind the bad stuff. I let her keep the heartache and frustration and I took the love and hope. Seems fair, right?

I hope you’ll help me be healthier and I’m going to do my part to be happier. Could you just give me a little push once in a while if I need it? I knew you would! I’d really love some inspiration and if you could spare just a little bit of extra time to write that would really be awesome.

I know you don’t want resolutions but I’d like to offer a couple of goals if that would be okay? Yes? Oh thank you! I would like to get my book written by the end of the year. 2011 gave me a little inspiration by way of seeing my friends push themselves (that means you, BeFri 🙂 ) to get a book written. Could you go with that and inspire me? Help me find the words? I’ve finally found the right style for telling the story I want to tell and I’ve even named my characters! I’m so excited to see them make their way through my story.

I’d like to get to a maintenance phase with my health care. I know I’m never going to be “better” but I want to be healthier and more able-bodied if you don’t mind. No more crazy doctors that take up way too many days in my month for tests and appointments and ….just no more. Please?

I know I’m not doing anything major this year. No having babies or getting married or buying a house. You and I are just gonna hang out this year and love our kids, educate my youngest, write my book, and just have a year without any insanity in it. How does that sound?

Oh!! And I’d really, really love a road trip to New England this year. Massachusetts and maybe even a little Maine if we can squeeze it in. That’s my Heaven.

And finally….2012? Would you please look out for our forward deployed soldiers and sailors? Could you bring them home safely please? This war has gone on too long and I’d love to see those that have already sacrificed too much be able to come home. Please watch over those that need a little extra love. Thank you, 2012.

One response

  1. Girl, you and 2012 are going to be besties. This year has magic, I can feel it. SO proud of you for pursuing your dreams. And a road trip to Massachusetts? APPROVE.

    Love you St Ends, always ❤


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