Life in a Petri Dish

I’ve been waiting for the phone call about my lab results. They took lots of blood last week when I went to see my PCM. She likes to see me on a pretty regular basis and stay on top of what’s going on; and from what I hear from everybody else I know in the area, I have gotten unbelievably lucky in getting the doctor that I have at the clinic.

Aaannnyway……I expected news. They call if your lab results are fine and normal and everything is ducky, but I expected a phone call. The news was pretty good actually. My thyroid levels have dropped significantly, so my medication for that will be adjusted accordingly and I’ll be going back in four weeks to have a complete thyroid panel drawn to make sure 1) the new dosage is working and doesn’t need to be changed again and 2) they’re nothing else going on with my endocrine system.

Everything else is within normal limits, but I’ll still be summarily sent to a pulmonologist. Apparently there are still issues with my oxygen so I got told I would be adding a pulmonologist to the collection of specialists I have here. I wasn’t asked if I thought I should see another specialist. I got told I was going. She’s an awesome doctor and she cracks me up sometimes.

This is a somewhat bizarre experience sometimes….having your life encircled by medical tests, medications, appointments, and specialists. Even if I just wanted to run and hide from all of them (sometimes I do, sometimes I’m in it for the fight) I don’t get that option anymore. I’m glad I’m getting good care and being taken seriously. I very rarely get treated like anything is simply “in my head” anymore, but it’s still a lot to take in.

So, that’s where I’m at in my petri dish right now. I don’t know if anyone reads this or cares, but I thought that I would update. The d.h. keeps telling me to write…that maybe somebody somewhere is going through something similar and they’d like to know they’re not alone.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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