Fiery Redhead? More Like Sensitive Redhead.

Apparently redheads have some thing in them that makes them more sensitive to their environments. I saw my primary doc yesterday and she added herself to the list of doctors and nurses that I’ve seen in the last year or two that told me that I might be struggling with sensitivities to meds or foods, or stress, or my environment and that they are now noticing that these things affect people that have naturally red hair more often.

It seems if there is a food sensitivity to be found, check your hair. Meds? If there’s a side effect, a redhead will most likely have it. Allergies? Yep, redheads.

A little over a month ago, I had a full body reaction to what appeared to be some kind of allergen. Something set off the histamine receptors. What my doctor is now thinking is that the strain of the two procedures I had in two weeks in addition to an incident of high stress set off both of my H1 and H2 receptors. I learned yesterday that the body’s H1 (histamine one) receptors show up as a rash or hives….some kind of a skin reaction. The H2 receptors (histamine two) are the ones in your stomach that produce acid. Both of mine went off. Apparently my body cried “UNCLE!!”

So, I got to thinking about it. I was always a sensitive child. I had food issues when I was very young. I started developing seasonal allergies in my teens. I have always had migraines (food issues and stress reactions). I must have been fun to raise. Add to that the trauma of my childhood and ….yay…you get me.

If you’re trying to figure out a reaction from your body that shows up as a sensitive tummy or a skin reaction, you might want to look at your natural hair color. It could be that you’re reacting to a side effect from a medication, a food issue, or something in your environment aggravating things. We redheads seem to react to something faster than everyone else.Check your stress level too. If a brunette might be able to juggle a few stressful things, you as a redhead might find that a little harder.

So, are redheads fiery? Sometimes. Are we more sensitive? It looks like we usually are.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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