Tuesdays Have Teeth

I awoke this morning with some trepidation. It’s Tuesday, and for some reason Tuesdays have it out for me. Fortunately, I’m having a pretty good Tuesday though, and my pain level is receding. I got up yesterday and realized that for the first time in two months I could move my neck! I am feeling about 50% better since my cervical epidural and I can almost turn my head enough to be able to look behind me without having to shift my entire body. It seems the procedure has been a success!
I got a phone call this morning changing the appointment for my second procedure. My doc is taking a long weekend, so I won’t be going in for the next round until the 1st of June, but that’s fine with me because I’ll have time to recover before our big road trip up to Michigan. I’m feeling very good about these procedures and their effect, and I’m certain that it’s going to be much easier to enjoy our road trip and my daughter’s graduation next month!
I’ll have the third and final round of the epidural after I get back from our trip, and I’m hoping that these will offer me some relief for at least 6 months to a year. I have two bulging disks and four bone spurs in my neck, and unfortunately they aren’t what the docs would call “surgical” yet, meaning that I’m not in bad enough shape that surgery is an option yet. But believe me, if I got offered the chance to relieve the pain and pressure in my neck through surgery, I would take it.
The procedure is a little rough to get through, and any time some one is sticking needles into you, let alone into your neck, it’s “uncomfortable”, but if three days later I’m feeling better, it’s worth it. G and I tell each other and ourselves that the shots and procedures suck, but if we can make it to the other side of them, it’s worth the relief. 
And so, other than allergies kicking my butt today because I live in Florida, I’m not doing half bad! On that note, I’ll end today’s post with a small, hopeful bit of self-promo. I hope that you’re share this column with your friends and family and sign up as a follower. Thank you so much, gentle readers, for your support!

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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