Traveling with Fibro

It’s been a crazy-whirlwind of activity and traveling and co-ordinating family the last few days! We’ve driven across 5 1/2 states over 2 days and stayed in less than ideal sleeping conditions (4 people and 2 animals in one teeny hotel room in Kentucky, for example) before finally settling into a 2 bedroom suite for the week in Michigan. It’s been a little rough on the body.
We left Florida Sunday morning (….5 days ago? geez is that all? well, 6 now….been working on this post for a couple of days in between crazy family activity bursts) and set off with the intent of covering 10 out of the anticipated 18 hour drive. We did…and it just took a little longer than we hoped, but by the time we stopped in Kentucky for the night, I was pretty funned out and wondering what I had been thinking. I seem to have all these great ideas for family road trips and about halfway through I go “what the hell was I thinking??!”. But by then, I’m three states from home with all the kids, and Dera the Deranged Doggy whimpering in the back of my Nitro. (on a side note, my kitty has turned out to be an awesome little traveler!)
This road trip has been harder on my body than previous ventures though. My d.h. wouldn’t let me do any of the driving on the way up. I guess that doesn’t matter too much either way. My kidneys have been bothering me since the second day of driving though. I had a pretty bad e.coli. infection in my kidneys a few months back and I’m wondering if it damaged them because they still hurt once in a while, especially the left one, and especially on these crazy drives across the country. Staying hydrated with good fluids (juice, tea, water) has definitely been a priority!
I have held up pretty well, and I’ve probably been pushing myself a little harder to keep up with everything, despite the worst bed ever in EconoLodge in Kentucky (I’ll think we’ll just find a Days Inn or something on the way back), these crazy flat pillows at the Residence Inn (yes, I just stole more from the d.h.), and trying to keep up with 3 kids, 2 moms, and 2 husbands (and a partridge in a pear tree). 
Seriously, we have like eight people wherever we go. It’s like herding cats. Very busy, stressful days, and I keep telling myself to dive in and enjoy the little bit of insanity because these are the memories I’ll keep. My body has had a whole other take on this on two days though. The day after my daughter graduated, I woke up in pain and knew it was going to be a high pain day, and somewhere in Frakenmuth yesterday my hip and legs went back to the car or something and didn’t let me know. I am thankful for the gods of Percocet and Vicodin these days.
Traveling with Fibro just means that one has to pay a little more attention to what his or her body tells them , and move a little slower sometimes. (This, however, is not concurrent with my driving philosophy of: come ON, we can get there in 8 hours!) The hardest thing is that I’m sensitive to my environment so hard hotel beds, loud people, less-than-ideal conditions wear me out more. The good news is I have been falling asleep sooner, and therefore up a little earlier and able to keep up with our crazy schedule of events. (mostly)
I’m glad I had my shots in my neck last week though. That seems to have been good planning, and I am ever so grateful they actually helped! I am grateful for pain meds too. Some days are rough, and I’m not used to this much activity. I’m just about ready to go home though and maybe crawl under my bed for a few days. Xtina- it’s sill not safe out here.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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