Sleepy Day

Well, now that I’ve covered so many facts about what Fibro is and (hopefully) educated my lovely readers just a little, I suppose it’s time to get down to the business of what day of day life is like and share where I’m at on a daily basis.
I have a lot of stress this week. Kids, hubby, medical crap, getting ready to move…in other words, life. So insomnia is rearing her ugly head and I’ve having a very tired day today. I want to sleep, I keep looking for sleep, but I think I might have forgotten where I left it this week. I was hoping for a nap this morning, but my kitty decided to keep jumping on my feet and attacking them under he covers and my 7-year old wasn’t falling for me letting her watch t.v. so I could doze, so no napping for me yet today. 
Fatigue is a part of Fibro, and for me it hits the worst in the winter when it’s cold and cloudy and dreary. I always thought I should have been a bear so I could hibernate through the winter…..oh well, maybe in my next life. It’s mostly cloudy today, so that isn’t helping my snoozy state, and I happen to know that I’m at the point in my monthly cycle that I’m usually pretty sleepy too, so it just seems like it’s one of those days and I’m just going to have to try to sneak in a nap this afternoon when my hubby gets home from work.
My favorite days are when it’s about 70 or 75, sunny, with just a slight breeze. I think heaven must include driving down some beautiful back roads with the sunroof open, music going, just soaking in the day. On days like that, there’s no storms coming and the humidity is low, leaving the probability for pain low too and being out in the warm (not burst-into-flames-Florida hot) sun always makes me feel good. 
For the most part, Thursdays are pretty good days around my house and the schedule isn’t too crazy. It’s been a half way decent day in spite of my sleepiness, and my pain level is pretty manageable today. Tomorrow I’m off to the doc to have an epidural injection in my neck, so if I don’t post tomorrow, it’s because I’m resting after that.
Enjoy your Thursday, gentle readers!

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