Sleep and other non existent things

So, this week I have shared a lot about the pain involved in Fibro, and about some of the other symptoms including cognitive fog. So, really, Xun, what ~is~ Fibromyalgia, you might ask.
Fibromyalgia was once described to me by my osteopath in Maine as having the volume knob in my brain turned up too loud all the time, and in the past few years I have found that analogy to be excruciatingly accurate. Fibro affects digestion issues, sleep, soft tissue pain, and even menstrual cycles. If one were to google “fibromyalgia”, every site one might come across including (The National Fibromyalgia Association….very reliable for info and support),, and even the famously disreputable wikipedia would share a lot of the same information. 

The National Fibromyalgia Association in conjunction with Pfizer Drug company has created a PSA in the past few months in an effort to raise awareness and educate more people about what Fibro is and what the symptoms are. Often patients have symptoms for years before they find a doctor willing to diagnose them accurately. 
My personal journey started with pain in my left arm and has progressed from there. I have a well established case of insomnia and take sleep meds because without them I would not sleep….probably for days at a time. I have had two surgeries having to do with my reproductive anatomy, which of which was a uterine ablation…I’ll save that story for another blog. I have irritable bowel issues as well. Finally I have the soft tissue pain that is indicative of Fibro. 
The volume in my brain is always too loud and my whole life is about figuring out how to turn it down. I hope you’ll check out, and watch the psa, and learn a little. The latest estimates speak for about 10 million Fibro patients in the U.S. Some of us are still able to lead fairly productive lives, others of us are on disability because we can’t work. I am fortunate enough to have a husband that provides for me so I don’t have to fight for disability yet. Others are not, so I am hoping that my little bit of work here helps them…and in turn helps us all.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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