More From the Road

How long is the ideal vacation? No, really. Not the “I wanna be on a beach with a fruity drink permanently” dream, but a real family vacation. Three days? A week? We’re a week into our big family trip in Michigan and it seems like everyone is starting to get a little funned out. 
I like road trips and I look forward to our yearly family vacation. Some years it’s a trip to a theme park, or a road trip to Washington D.C., ; some years it coincides with moving so we make a family trip out of the ride to our new destination. Last year it was a trip to Michigan to come specifically for Renn Fest for K’s birthday. This year it’s a trip up here to Meeeechigan to see all the family and come together for the oldest grandchild’s graduation. 
I’m exhausted. I threatened to go home yesterday and crawl under my bed for the rest of the week. Fatigue is a component of Fibro found in just about every case of it. We all have a slightly different variation of the disorder, but every one of us struggles with fatigue, so cramming all the family fun you could think of and all the hub bub that goes with your kid graduating into eight days could be described as a little bit of a challenge for those of us that struggle with daily living when we have a bad day.
I think I’ve held up under the pressure of driving through five states, two hotels, three parents (my mom, my MIL, and my ex-MIL), a graduation, a family grad party that involved seeing people I haven’t seen in ten years, walking all over Frankenmuth, and having food shoved at me at every stop along the way pretty well until today. I was feeling a little tired yesterday, but I woke up today really feeling it. I made it through seven days, but today I’m really fighting back pain, nausea, and fatigue. It’s making me grumpy, and I’m really trying not to be. 
Family vacations are notoriously rough on a body anyway, and even if one is in great health and spirits, they often need “a vacation from the vacation” by the time they make it home and contend with putting away everything that was packed up, cleaning out the car, and doing the laundry. I think I may just get home Thursday night and crawl under my bed and hide for a few days.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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