Moments & Moving

The movers are going to be here in a week and a half. As in they’re going to be here next week!! I’m so excited to be moving on to what is hopefully the final chapter of our Navy career, and to the place we’re finally going to settle down in. But all I can think right now, is what am I going to do without Ging? 
Being a Navy spouse is a tough gig. We go through a lot for our darling husbands…state after state, duty station after duty station. Loading up, finding a “new” house, unloading all our crap again, hoping to make friends at ~this~ duty station, or run into old friends from previous assignments. I have two friends already up where we’re going, and I’m really grateful for that. One of them is my girl Chris, so YAY! But I have to leave my Ging. At least for now, and it’s breaking my heart.
It’s hard enough for women to really really find someone they can let down their guard with and connect to, because (contrary to those feel-good chick flicks) women are not as supportive as you might think. We can be vicious creatures. But when it does happen, and you find a friend that becomes more than that, they become family….because in the Navy we’re always moving around, so we have our Navy family. 
I’m sitting here today, thinking of the moments that stand out for me through time. Sitting in Teresa’a back yard in Maine in early October, drinking coffee and spending time together before I moved off to Florida. Sitting on my couch and talking and crying together and hugging Ging before I move off to Maryland. My life has been more of a series of flashes, moments that stand out, than a smooth measuring tape of time. When I look back through the years, I see pictures in my mind of time spent with those I love most.
Teresa is off to California these days, and Ging will stay here in Florida, at least for the time being, Chris is already up in Maryland. My “family ” is scattered pretty far these days, and I am unendingly grateful for email, cell phones, texting, twitter, and facebook because they all close the miles. Then I don’t have to miss my girls so much because I can “see” them and “talk” to them almost every day. 
I’m off to start gathering the important paperwork I have to have on me for the move, and packing up some things before the movers get here. The work before the work starts, so to speak. But I’ll be thinking about how lucky I’ve been to meet the amazing women I have throughout all the years and the moves. They have made my day sometimes, and my life….always.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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