Incorrect Info = Irritating!

One of the biggest problems fibromites are up against is the dissemination of “information” about Fibro that is not only incorrect, it’s idiotic and insulting. I found a link on one of my Fibro news feeds that I follow on Facebook and decided to check it out. “Seven Steps to Managing Fibromyalgia”. Gee, I thought, do they know something I don’t? Is there something more I can do that I don’t know about? So I followed the link.
It turned out to be an article (sigh….first problem) with a list of seven ways to “take back your life”. If I could smack the person that wrote this drudge, I just might. Let’s explore their suggestions, shall we?
1. Research your illness. Seriously?? For serious? Are you kidding me? (insert your favorite string of expletives here). I live with something that kicks my ass every day and you think I should maybe research it. Here’s a clue Karen (the author of this article)….I probably already did and I continuously do, just so I can argue with doctors that are just as informed as you are and explain what the latest test trials and research is telling us. Idiot.
2. Take Charge of Your Own Healthcare. See the last sentence of number one. I argue with doctors over what works for ME, because it doesn’t work for every fibromite, and I stay current on the latest clinical trials and research. I have to. This is my body. I’m stuck in it until they figure out how to put my head in a bell jar.
3. Develop Your Own Exercise and Nutrition Plan. Again, feel free to insert your favorite string of expletives anytime if you’re reading this crap and you’re a fellow sufferer. If I have one more doctor tell me that I just need some gentle exercise and my Fibro will be fine, I may not be held responsible for my words or actions. I eat healthier that most Americans (and half of the Europeans) and I ‘m as active as I can be with four osteophytes and two bulging disks in my neck…oh, and that artificial hip too. Shut up with your exercise.
4. Re-evaluate Your Priorities. Okay, we’ll go with this one. Let’s see, my priorities are to get out of bed, try to get some food in me, take care of my kids and my house, and get as much done as I can on the good days. Oh, they are so right. I totally need to re-evaluate all that. 
5. Keep A Positive Attitude. Have you met most of the fibromites that I personally know? These are amazing women. Strong women with a better sense of what’s important and the need to keep our heads up no matter what than most people. We don’t face “the flu” and whine about it. We deal with something that kicks our collective asses every damn day and we’re grateful to wake up and be able to walk. Go tell a guy with a paper cut that’s crying about it to keep a positive attitude. Fibromites don’t need that crap.
6. Take One Day at a Time. This chick has no brain what-so-ever. Or at least no real idea of what Fibro is. Or Lupus, or MS, or even RA. Because inside of every one of these “invisible diseases” is taking it day by day. We wake up every single day and if our first thought isn’t “oooowwwwww”, we’re doing pretty damn good. It is day to day because some days I’ll be able to do something I couldn’t on other days. Save this crap for AA.
And finally 7. Laugh. Oh, I am. At you…all the way to my keyboard so I can share how stupid you are with my readers. 
Seriously though, Karen hasn’t shared anything with us that anyone, sick or healthy, shouldn’t already know. I hope she didn’t get paid to write that crap. Fibromites are strong, and capable of handling a lot more than she’s giving us credit for. We know the importance of taking life one step at a time, and of laughing, and of trying to be healthy. We know it better than most people. Fibromites don’t need to research their condition, but it sounds like she might need to do a little reading.
Don’t read this crap. If you know someone with fibro, you read butyoudon’ instead of these stupid articles. There’s a lot more info on what living with it is ~really~ like and how to support someone you know that has it.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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