If I looked like I feel….

I hear there is a new Fibro awareness commercial out, and I’ve looked all over hoping to find a link to post so you can see too, dear readers, but I haven’t found it yet. Rest assured as soon as I do find it on hulu, or youtube, or even on the Pfizer site, I’ll post a link and share!
The gist of the commercial basically boils down to the phrase “if I looked like I felt, would you believe me then?”. It shows a woman sitting in a chair looking into a mirror and the audience hears her say that phrase, then the camera pans around and we see into the mirror and the woman is covered in bruises. I was so happy to hear that this new commercial was out, and I know it sounds rough, but on flare days…that is truly how we feel. My friends G says she feels like she’s been in a car accident; I always say it feels like someone pushed me down the stairs. We really do feel bruised all over when we hurt.
I have a funny story regarding that. Well, you might think it’s as funny as I do, but I live with Fibro every day, and sometimes it has to be funny, or you’ll just cry because it’s so sad. I woke up yesterday is a lot of pain. My left shoulder was hurting and causing a really bad headache. It didn’t feel like a migraine, but it friggin hurt. I planned on just taking a shower yesterday, throwing on some comfy clothes, pulling my hair up, and skipping the make up. However…..I got up and looked in the mirror and thought, “oh my god. I *have* to put some make up on today because it looks like I have two black eyes”. I looked bruised. I looked like I felt.
I have no idea why, and today it’s considerably less purple under my eyes (still a little), but for once I really looked like I felt. I did throw on some light colored eye shadow and cover up under my eyes, because I was afraid of anyone seeing me like that and assuming the worst. I think maybe if was just the stress and the physical hardship of our long (almost 2 weeks) trip up to Michigan, having driven about 2,000 miles total and all the insanity of planning our move in the middle of it finally catching up to me and clobbering me.
I woke up today feeling much better, and I was so grateful. I don’t have many days that I wake up and my first thought isn’t “ooowwwww”, so when I get them, I’m a grateful girl!
I have my third set of shot in my neck on Friday. I’m optimistic about the epidural even though it’s not an easy process. Anything is worth the pain relief on the other side. I went with G to her appointment on Monday for her shots and learned a lot about the sort of procedure that will come for me down the road. That’s a really tough set of shots to get through too, but I know what’s on the other side.
We fibromites hold onto hope, we strive for understanding, we’re grateful for compassion. If we looked like we felt, what would you think? Please share by commenting!

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