Allergic to Stress

This week has sucked balls. The best part of my week has been my friends, because they make me smile, and laugh even when I didn’t think I could, and because they get it. Christine said it best…”…and it’s Tuesday. Balls.” (which, by the way, was the perfect sentiment for the week, and she rocks!)
I hate stress because it does the weirdest things to me. I keep waking up with stomachaches, and my appetite is pretty much gone. My nails turn blue. Nausea hits at odd times. It’s been a rough week.
I had my shots on Tuesday, and those actually went better than the first set. I had less pain right after, and they have relieved a good deal of my neck pain. I highly recommend the procedure and my pain specialist for anyone that has bulging disks in his or her neck. I’ve been through the whole list of techniques and procedures trying to relieve shoulder and neck pain and this has worked the best. If there’s a god, I am grateful to her for this!
I went to get a “second opinion” on Wednesday from another pain specialist recommended to me by G, a fellow fibromite. But ….ugh. He might be a great pain doc, I’ll never know. The stupid cows that work in his office have been rude and unhelpful at best, and I never got to see him. I fought for a month for an appointment because they wouldn’t even try to get me in sooner, and when I finally got there on Wednesday, the receptionist took one look at me and decided she didn’t like me and wasn’t going to help me. I got told my appointment was three hours earlier and too-bad-so-sad, you’ll have to reschedule. I finally blew my top and told her I wasn’t interested in dealing with their establishment any longer. 
I’m just grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to see another pain doc in my same practice, and she’s an anesthesiologist, and I love her. She doesn’t treat me like an addict or look down on me, and I am so thankful for people like her.
I got treated like an addict or a drug seeker, or basically just a pain in the ass, twice in the last week. The first time was by the nurse in the e.r. last Friday when I went in for an uncontrolled migraine. I asked for more pain meds and got snarled at and told I couldn’t have any more narcotics. I finally convinced the lady (well…the doc) that I wasn’t looking for drugs, i just wanted help with the pain, and they gave me Torodol, which is a lot like motrin, but stronger.
The second time was by that cow….sorry, that inconsiderate woman….that works at the place I wanted a second opinion from. I don’t know if it was the fact that I’m kind of skinny, the bruise from the i.v. on my right arm, or just the fact I was getting a second opinion as a pain patient, but she immediately decided she didn’t like me. Women are vicious creatures sometimes. 
I’m trying hard to be positive and grateful. It’s been a crazy week. My d.h. has driven me a little crazy lately, and we’re planning the big family trip up to Michigan to see my daughter graduate. We leave tomorrow for the 18 hour road trip. I’m happy I get to see everyone (and very nervous about seeing my mother, and my mother-in-law, and my former mother-in-law…being me is really fun sometimes). 
Wish me luck. I love you, readers! More updates from the road coming!

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