After the Second Shots

All in all, the second set of shots in my cervical spine weren’t as hard as the first set. I was pretty nervous because the first set was rough and the night after that procedure was painful. I had a huge pain spike 12 hours later. This time wasn’t as rough. Still some pain and bruising, but the relief is definitely worth it!
I went in yesterday morning (which, by the way, was a Tuesday and sucked like one) and put on my pretty paper gown again. I laid down on my belly on the table under the fluoroscope again and the nurse got the first set of images for the doc. She came in and took a look, got a couple of more images and set to work cleaning the area. It was pretty cool because you could actually see the bulging disks at C6 and C7 on the images yesterday. The shots go in just about C7 or right about where the bottom of my neck is. You know that one vertebrae that sticks out a little more than the others? Yep, right about there.
I had what felt like 2 shots of Novocaine to numb the area and then she popped the catheter in. It always seems to freak my d.h. out a little to watch the process, but all I typically feel is some pressure. I didn’t have the same nerve spasms this time, which I greatly appreciated, and pretty much all I felt was a lot of pressure in my spine along my neck as the doc injected the epidural mixture. The whole thing seemed to go just a little faster and smoother this time.
I did have a pain spike last night about 11:30 p.m. or so, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I took an extra pain pill to get ahead of it, and made sure to put some ice on my neck before bed.
Finally, I just wanted to say thank you again to my wonderful readers! I have gotten feedback recently from friends and strangers telling me I had enlightened them and that means the world to me, readers! I am so, so grateful for the gift of writing and the ability to tell my story. Thank you! Please feel free to follow the blog, link my page to your friends, and leave feedback!

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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