48 Hours Later

I didn’t post yesterday. I took the day off and took it pretty easy. I was feeling pretty tender yesterday morning when I woke up, and Friday night was kind of rough. About 12 hours after the procedure, I had a pain spike that made me nauseous. Apparently the local had worn off and none of the pain meds were helping. But I woke up this morning and I’m feeling a little better. I definitely feel like it’s easier to move that it has been. The botox shots I had in March seemed to have had the opposite effect to what they were supposed to do (and that I was promised they would do) and locked up the muscles in my neck and shoulders rather than releasing the tension in those muscle fibers. I absolutely would not recommend botox shots into one’s neck and shoulders. It might work fine cosmetically, but I’m not buying it.
While the injection site itself it feeling a little bruised and tender in my base of my neck today, I’m otherwise feeling better than I have been, and I’m really hoping these shots are going to help.
Just getting to this point has been rough. I’m still scheduled to go in for a second opinion with pain specialist that one of my best girls sees and recommends, but in the meantime I am seeing another doc in my same practice who has been so much more compassionate and helpful. I have to fight pretty hard to be heard and seen for more than a crazy person or someone trying to get pain meds, but once my films are seen (x-rays, MRIs, brain scans, etc) and the reports are read, I am finally heard and seen.
I can almost see the light go on in the doc’s head after they read the reports and realize I do , in fact, have a prosthetic hip already and four osteophytes (bone spurs) in my neck. I get a whole different reaction after that, and I get looked over and offered procedures like the one I had on Friday. 
So, I guess today’s post is just a meandering of thoughts of the emotional struggle as we fibromites fight to find a good doc as well as what it costs physically sometimes. In the day or two immediately following a procedure, I’m pretty sore but I still have kids, a house, a kitten and a dog, and a hubby that all need me, and life goes on. Whether I’m in pain or not. Not is better.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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