22 in 27

I haven’t posted as much as I’ve wanted to. I have missed a few days here and there, but over all 22 posts in 27 days isn’t bad, and it’s close to my goal of posting a little every day, just to share what living with Fibro is like.
I have a decent excuse for missing the last couple of days. I was in the hospital. Or, more accurately, I spent Friday afternoon in the e.r. I woke up Friday morning with neck pain and a pretty bad headache. Two hours later it had escalated into what I recognized as a migraine, and I took a pain pill. A few minutes later (20? time has no meaning in that place) I realized I needed to take a migraine pill too (Imitrex) but that came right back up. I thought I might be in trouble by then, so I took an anti-nausea pill (promethizine) and sent a text to my d.h. telling him I needed help. The pain kept escalating and I wasn’t keeping my meds down. 
My d.h. came home as soon as he could and gave me a shot of Imitrex with my auto-injector. An hour later, half of my head was feeling a little better, but the entire right side of my head was still killing me. The pain would come in waves and when it spiked, I couldn’t even lie still. My hubby gave me a second shot an hour and 15 minutes later, but when he realized 30 minutes after that I wasn’t getting any better, he bundled me off to the emergency room. 
I spent the afternoon in the e.r. with what was probably my 125th i.v. I almost had to laugh when the corpsman came in and asked if I’d ever had an i.v. before. Almost. I apparently had some extra time on my hands at some point and counted it up one day. I have had over 100 i.v.’s. Most of them from trips to the e.r. for pain and migraines, some of them for hyper-emises during pregnancy,and a few from hospitalizations and surgery. No, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, it is literally over 100 i.v.’s. I have the tracks on my arms to prove it. Fortunately, I’m an easy stick most of the time. My veins don’t roll, and I don’t flash (bleed). Lucky me.
I had my very first i.v. when I was in labor with my first child at 18. Eighteen years later I have tracks. I’m not an addict. I’m not a drug seeker. I’m just someone that has had migraines her whole life and back in the early nineties, the treatment was an i.v. and pain meds, and when my new migraine meds don’t work, it still is. Research has been done, and still continues, but medical science doesn’t understand migraines yet, so we’re still pretty limited on options for battling them back when they rear their ugly heads. 
I spent yesterday resting, and am still taking it pretty easy today. This one was the worst I have suffered in a year, and it took a lot out of me. But it’s a three day weekend, so I’m enjoying the lounge time. Happy Memorial Day, dear readers! Thank a Vet!

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