Connecting to the connections

Connections. Data connections. Electrical connections. Cable connections. Human connections. Somewhere buried deep in our primal sub-cortex is the instinctual need to connect to other people, to love, to be touched, to be fed, to be needed. To survive, we ~have~ to connect.

I have this long held theory that I need to have at least one incredibly strong, thread-like, connection to one other person on the planet. Like playing telephone, and no matter where I am on the planet or where they are, we each still have the ends of that string. But they can’t drop their can, or their string. It’s against the rules, because then I feel like I am free falling. You know my Alice in Wonderland thing? Yeah, like that. Free falling down the rabbit hole, and all the while my mother is yelling “OFF with her head!!!”
We are all much more vulnerable than any one of us would like to admit, and with the crazy pace of technology, we are closing ourselves off more and more. Everyone struts around with teflone around them these days, refusing to need or trust anyone else. I do the same with my snarky exterior. But what do we do when we have all this inside of us and it has to go somewhere?
We send out tweets with “fml” or begging our followers to “kmn” in a humorous attempt to tell the world, “alright, I have had what I can take for this very moment, please please reach out to me”. Some post status updates the length of blogs on Facebook because they need to be heard, acknowledged, loved just a little more right then. Others of us, do both of those and then write these blogs to offer a little more insight into the noise in our head to the people that care about me…erm, them. Theoretically. Of course.
We all need more than we say we do. Meredith Grey is quoted as saying “More tequila, more love. More anything. More is better”. It might do us all some good to take that idea to heart. Find the people that do love you, flaws and all, and reach out to them, trust them, love them a little more. And connect, people, connect.

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

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